T&G offer a variety of provisions, including high quality Bacon, Farm Assured sausages and continental deli products.


We purchase the highest quality British Bacon, Gammons and Dry Cure bacon including a full range of Bearfields, Danish Crown and Stirchley products, as well as many other well-known imported brands. Each order is hand selected like all our products, in order to provide our customers with the best Bacon to suit their requirements.


T&G offer Farm Assured British sausages made from the highest quality hand trimmed prime cuts of Fresh British Pork which has been coarsely minced.

We also sell a wide range of gourmet sausages which have been traditionally hand-made using only the finest ingredients to ensure they are packed with flavour. All sausages are finished in a natural casing.

Deli Products

We also offer a wide range of continental and traditional cooked meats as well as specialist pies and savoury goods. These are available upon request.

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