We offer the highest quality of bone in and boneless cuts of Free Range Quality Assured and Outdoor Reared Pork including whole pigs from traditional breeds ensuring the flavour and tenderness is captured in every cut.

Our trained team of buyers carefully hand select all cuts of pork to ensure we meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Free Range

The animals are born outside in fields, with access to food, water and shelter being truly Free Range. They are free to roam within very generous boundaries where they remain until they are sent for processing. The space allowances are defined with minimum requirements from soil conditions and rotation practices.

Outdoor Reared

Pigs are born outside in fields, where they are reared for approximately half of their life. (defined by weight of at least 30kg). Breeding sows are kept outside in fields for their productive lives.

They are provided with food, water and shelter with a generous space allowance. Pork and pork products labelled as Outdoor Reared will also contain a statement about the way that the pigs are subsequently farmed.

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