Dry Age


Here at T&G we are extremely proud of the relationship we have with our dry aging specialist, whom we have had the pleasure of working with for many years. All of the beef we use is hand selected by our beef specialist at Smithfield before it is placed in the dry ager. The selected cuts have a minimum grading of R4L, a maximum selection of marbling, and the perfect amount of fat cover all over. We hand select only the very finest scotch beef.


Once the meat is selected and carefully placed into the dry aging fridge, the enzymes which are naturally found in the beef start working their magic by breaking down the protein and fat strands inside. This process will last for the first 10-18 days, making the beef more tender and succulent. The beef is then left to age, very slowly dehydrating. Once this process has been active for 28 days a crust then forms around the beef, giving it an amazing texture and flavour.


In order to perfect the dry aging process there are 5 main components. These are humidity, temperature, airflow, UV lighting and of course the finest quality beef.

The humidity is set to 85% which allows the beef to age without the growth of mould. The high humidity is key so as not to dry the beef out too quickly.

The dry age fridge is set to a constant temperature of 0-1c which is critical to slow down or even stop the rotting process.

Three high velocity fans have recently been fitted to create a fierce airflow around the room and at the same time conditioning the meat.

UV lighting is an essential part of the aging process as it kills any airborne bacteria in the room.

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